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Originally Posted by dave View Post
It's not just female ENFPs, all ENFPS are very emotionally sensitive. This is their strength as well as their weakness. They will be able to tell when you are down and will try to make you feel better and cheer you up, but they are also very touchy, particularly about their beliefs, sense of self and ways of seeing the world, which they don't like to be mocked unless they give you permission to do so. Fundamentally they want to be respected and liked, but usually if you let them know you aren't out to get them and you are really their friend they will get over it and forgive you. Sometimes they can be good at dishing out the mockery but not very good at taking it. It's not that easy to predict unfortunately, as just to function in society they often exert a lot of control over their erratic impulses at the surface level, makijg it hard to spot unless you are emotionally intuitive yourself. It's just something negative you'll have to put up with if you're to benefit from the positive features of their amazing capacity for warm, close friendships. Hope this helps.
More than you know, thanks a lot. I guess I'll just have to watch what i say cause i usually have no idea what their feeling
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