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- Izakaya, and one or two other things
...or part II, where there are no bastards, but strange things happen.

Quasi in the fam. got married. I showed up, frock on and all. Getting to the part where you all line up to say congrats at the end of the ceremony. Did just that, my turn came up. Did my best, I swear, but sth wasn't quite right. The lady in white eyes me askance and needs more. I'm thinking "I hear ya sista', I know exactly what's goin' on yo. Can't give ya what you need, tis the thing, not that I ain't trying." See, at least I did *my* homework, maybe time for her to figure out that it's nothing personal. Should I send her some socionics 101 as a wedding present or sth ?. Or maybe i'll keep it extra official, like her hubby. Fake it til you make it kinda thing.

Not long ago, I've noticed I make my favorite Izakaya chef very uncomfortable. What's that all about? Nothing to do with my looks, I asure you. Hey, maybe I'll get him some dual GF or sth. Maybe I'll do just that, it might just work. I really like sitting at the bar and staring at the dude as he grills that beef tongue and wraps the garlic in bacon for me! Yeah, 'swhat i'll do

PS: RSV, last story for you, just coz i promissed. I'm loosing the edge here, lol.
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