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Default Re: Type me, type me!

Originally posted by Nyx:
How does one detect Ne, out of curiosity? How is it different from Ni?
Well, normally you can tell someone is using Ne when they start to mumble on about various abstract concepts and speak of them as they are all true (this is not to be confused with being 'open minded' or a 'line of logic'). Ne is every bit about the consideration of the possibilities of the things that are unseen and non-concrete, usually things that other people personally believe and hold as true. An Ne dominant person will usually be like "hmmmm, this guy believes this, another believes that, she believes this, he believes that" and will naturally attempt to understand the totality of what another person believes and see all points of view.

Ne as a 2nd function is a little diffrent. Usually it is used as a tool to direct people's attention back to the 1st function by appealing to whatever they find abstract.

Ni is essentially the deductive abstract capabilities of time with a sort of elimination process. A person who has Ni can see what has been proven to be absractly good in the past and will use that as a model to form what is abstractly good in the present and in the future. Ni also involves a type of verticle ability to deduct from the happenings of the abstract past to predict the outcomes of the future. Think of it as sort of like card-counting, you know how many cards have been played out and once people start playing their hands you can use deduction to determine what is left in the pile. That is what Ni does to make predictions.

Ni as a 2nd function is usally used to qualify the abstract quality of input derived the first function. Sort of like doing a test run to see what things qualify and what things do not. That sort of thing.
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