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Another aspect of the dual-seeking function that Sergei did not seem to touch upon in that article is that people under the influence of the Super-Id functions tend to have a tendency to distort functions within the Block.

However it is diffrent for the dual-seeking and hidden agenda functions. Let use use the Ti function as an example.

ENFjs might think they are intellectuals, but when it comes to using Ti and telling facts they might not take the time to fully research information. They might start out factual, then start telling stories or misrepresent knowledge to the point of embarrasment by turning fact into fantasy and tall-tales. However, an ENFj might want to be within an "intellectual" atmosphere and it is what they seek ... But, I would not really say that that is an atmosphere where an ENFj is best suited, because they are not.

On the other hand, it is slightly the opposite deal with Ti and INFp, since Ti is an INFps hidden-agenda. Unlike ENFj who take actual facts and distort those facts, an INFp is more likely to accept things as fact that are not really facts and speak in a factual tone as thought they were facts. INFps think that they can analyze information properly, but they can not. They usually just look really silly ...

So, to sum up what I have just said [using Ti as an example]

Super-ID block - functions

Ti [dual-seeking] - wants to be in an intellectual atmosphere and uses real facts, but may not take the time to solidify those facts and might even distort those facts by telling fantasy stories

Ti [hidden agenda] - accepts things as fact that are not really facts, but thinks they are and may speak in an informative tone using information that is not factual.
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