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I'm enfp and have been with my dual for years.

Istp's are not how you would imagine from reading the profile. They can be quite loud and a little obnoxious (alot obnoxious too) but in a funny way that you will find funny. Others will be offended but you naturally get that he was being funny. He'll appreciate you for this.

They carry themselves with confidence. They have a manly way of walking. I used to joke at mine that he walks like John Wayne. That was before I knew about Socionics and it turns out John Wayne is one too!

He'll treat you as a person and not just a girl. He'll want to be friends before he will want a relationship( that should cancel out a high percentage of men you meet!)

Let me think, what else....

Ask him if his room is messy. If he's istp it will be.

Ask him if he has an xbox or playstation. If he has never even owned one in his whole life, chances are he's not istp. (unless of course he lives in sub- saharan Africa, and has never heard of such wonders)

You might not be wowed straight away. I didn't notice mine at first. Not in a bad way though, I saw him as a person before I saw him as a romantic interest. Plus I was going out with someone else when I met him so I just saw him as a friend. We got on like a house on fire the first night we met. Our eyes met across the dancefloor. Ha ha, well not really, more like he was out of his head on mdma and was blinking like a idiot. I thought "look at the state of him, he's out of his head" and started blinking over at him. Over he comes to me and says " Don't take this the wrong way but, what the **** is wrong with your eyes? " Hypocrite! lol.

So yeah, if you notice someone who's confident yet goofy you could have an istp on your hands. Good luck in your search, it will make you laugh and cry and everything in between and you'll be a better enfp for it, That I can promise you.
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