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The ESTj description on the site does sound sort of like him. The ENTj description doesn't. Nor did the INTj description.

I think what is confusing me is that he seems so intuitive. His degree is in History and it's just amazing to me how he is able to see current events and how they parallel other events in history. He has said before that what he likes about studying history is not the just the subject of history itself but how it helps him understand the world as a whole. Although he is a real stickler for detail ( watching the history channel is quite an experience. He's always pointing out every little fact the experts are getting wrong) he really is a "big picture" kind of person. He is able to draw connections from all over the place and he is an encyclopedia of information. He can predict trends in politics and culture and can also usually predict how a movie will end just a few minutes into it. Often when he is insightful about something, he doesn't know why he has jumped to that conclusion other than his gut. But when he thinks through it, his conclusion is completely logical.... This all seems very intuitive to me.
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