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That's the same online test that I took, actually. There is no way I'd be able to get my husband to take it though. He really doesn't care about any of this stiff and only did the Myers-Briggs thing because he was required to. I tried to take the test for him but I must have done something wrong because the result was ESTj. About the only part of the ESTj description on Wikisocion that matches him is the first part that deals with extroverted logic. Most of the rest doesn't fit. But that has confirmed my feeling that he is Te dominant.

Not only is J and P defined in Socionics different from what I'm used to but also E and I. I always got the impression that anyone who needed a considerable amount of time to themselves to recharge after socializing was an introvert. But the Socionics definition just sounds like an introvert is someone who lives more in the world of their own ideas than in material reality. Interesting, since that way of looking at introversion would seem to make introverts naturally lean toward N over S. And vice versa for extroverts...

But back to the J/P switch... I was suprised to find I am a judging type after being labeled "P". But in a way, it makes sense, really. Fi does seem like a judging function (and apparently according to Jung, it is). From what I understand of this function, it is what describes the way I strongly descriminate on things based on my personal values. I come across a P-like because I'm just not very concearned about most of the things that most people are concearned about. It seems to me that most people are anxious over trivialities and fail to recognize the things in life that really matter. That's why so many people think that I'm wishy-washy and have not real opinions of my own... that is until they touch on something that matters to me. I just don't have strong feelings about the things they themselves are concearned with. It always shocks people when they say something that hits on a nerve with me after they have said something that either contradicts or confirms my opinions based on my deeply held values and beliefs. "I didn't know you had it in you!", is something I get alot from people.
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