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Originally Posted by shadowpuppet View Post
is about standing up for yourself rather than fitting in

Big Five traits are related to Reinin traits:

oppenness - democratic

conscientiousness - farsighted

extraversion - extroverted

agreeableness - merry*

neuroticism - constructivist

*agreeableness is not well-defined and might also refer to positivist or yielding types
Yes and I will also add that it's about ethics, the voice of one's conscience to do good and well things; Those who have underdeveloped Fi will do anything necessary to reach a goal, avoiding the feelings of others, avoiding and distroying relationships, betraying friendships, and doing other immoral actions.

Van Gogh, also an EII and my Fi is the reason why we are depressed all the time, because we have all these high standards for ourselves and the world around us and when we don't see it it depresses us and we try to creat a warm environment of Fi to reflect our values, but sometimes, that can not be done, because our feelings begin to disrupt us internally. Actually, our thoughts get overwhelming, not our feelings.

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