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Thought of replying to this before, but wasn't quite sure. I can't speak for Fi-leading types, or about Fi in all types. I believe Fi may or may not concern itself, as it were, with morals, but that's a slightly limited view. As for dictating morals to other people, I don't think that's the main "objective" of the function. I prefer not to, at least generally speaking. I thought this bit lifted off an article might shed some light as to *how* Fi works (apologies to those who have already read this): (author: I/O)

"Introverted output functions rationalize only information that is resident in memory - essentially they are told what is outside; Ti and Fi sort through data trying to understand in order to formulate plans of action. These functions rationalize information with respect to circumstances or issues; however, data acquisition needs to cease before analysis can begin, all information must be static. This interrupt philosophy permits time to consider a broader spectrum of information but can create significant delays in output. If introverted output dominates type, input is suspended when output is working; autonomy will be given to input only when output says it needs more data - the mind can often be closed. This philosophy will not produce timely responses so processing will need to be able to predict and head off potential risks. This is the price one pays to gain perhaps a more complete understanding of an issue or situation for planning purposes; thus, a solid objective or plan is most important for introverted output but all this creates a tendency believe their plan is always right. Note that introverted output only has synergy of operation with extroverted input - both operate autonomously on an interrupt basis."


PS: maybe i'll add some of my own thoughts on Fi later or some other day...if people still care...

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