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ENTp, 25 yo male

LOVE music.. helped me through my turbulent highschool years. became a musician myself.. have been writing music for the last 12 years and won't ever stop.

fave bands (too many to mention but here's a few...)

smashing pumpkins (greatest rock band of the 90s)
TOOL (totally NT music here..)
silverchair (for sheer diversity and musical ingenuity)
placebo (without you im nothing - best album)
tegan and sara (recent fave, love their quirkyness and vocal harmonies)
sigur ros

love electronic music too.. mainly trance
tiesto, ferry corsten, above and beyond.. etc etc

music is the only way i can tap into my emotional side, and the lyrics I write I find really difficult to sing or publish because I feel it's too soul baring. but i eventually come around to it.
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