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Originally Posted by MDarman View Post
Originally Posted by natemaldonado View Post
Aggression as in, I'm not afraid to approach and not afraid to move things physically a long.

I admire strong people(think Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious) who aren't afraid to stand up to anyone. Mike Singletary is a guy, I respect, cause he takes control of his team and doesn't allow the bullshit, while putting down those who don't fit into the team mindset.(look up his youtube video about I want winners)

Weakness, I push people away who try to get to close. My same buddy said I'm a stone because I don't let myself fall for anyone..
Yes, that would indeed confirm you as ISTp;
Nate's passage is pretty obviously Se-valuing...

Originally Posted by MDarman View Post
ESTp's have no problem in loving and approaching object of affection for long term and immediate establishment of relations;
What the tits are you smoking? SLEs are Fi-PoLR. They don't know shit about how to approach relationships.
So this one time me an' my bes' frien' Stan, we went to a church service. That preacher was talkin' 'bout hell. So Stan leans over to me an' he says, "I bet hell is like a PoLR hit every day."

An' I says, "Stan, you prolly right."
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