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Originally Posted by MDarman View Post
When did you get to be so exceptional at Socionics?
When ESTj's start working out, they can drive themselves to do it for a very long time and be very driven about it. An ESTj friend runs many marathons and wakes up to work out at 5am
Maritsa, I often get obsessive about things and people. I got obsessed with the Enneagram for the past few years. Then I met a person who knows quite a lot about Socionics and I got obsessed about Socionics so I spent a lot of time reading about it. Then of course I have my own theories which are mostly based on logics. But I did not get exceptional at Socionics, no way. Just beggining. I cannnot even type myself correctly... this guy here just happened to look so much ESTP that it was quite obvious and the only other possibility I took seriously was ISTP.

Originally Posted by bigwhitesquare View Post
I doubt that's type related.
Maybe not, yes. As I said I consider only 3 types for me, all of which are ST: ESTj, ISTp and ISTj.

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