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Originally Posted by FSG View Post
Here where I live ESTPs are generally very much physically like him. They workout a lot and take steroids to get muscle mass. They shove people who are on their way. I said xSTP by the pics because of my own theory that types which value muscles and working out that much are mostly ISTP and ESTP and the latter even more. An xSTJ would be less likely to have the patience to workout a lot, since he´s more focused on T rather than S.

Pinocchio, what exactly do you mean? You´re trying to say that Fe has more to do with Aesthetics (as beauty of concrete objects and persons) than Si?

I disagree, Fe is emotions and can be concerned with aesthetics for the emotional tone they give, but pure raw aesthetics in and of itself is Sensory.

INFPs value aesthetics by the emotional tone they produce, the dramatic colours and things like that. ISTPs value beauty by the sheer sensory sense of beauty. Former values aesthetics as expression of emotion and art, kater values it because it is simply nice looking, without any emotional content involved.
When did you get to be so exceptional at Socionics?
When ESTj's start working out, they can drive themselves to do it for a very long time and be very driven about it. An ESTj friend runs many marathons and wakes up to work out at 5am
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