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I always imagine this one as old vacuum cleaners rocking back and forth in downward-curving arcs across a summer sky.
wow... umm... wow... really random... Do they rock back & forth for the entirety of the song?
No, just during the portions with the zooming feedback drone from 3:13 onward, otherwise it's hazy, vaseline-on-lens mental footage of speckled sunlight peeping through leafy tree branches, sparkly blue lakes, and other happy-go-lucky summertime stuff. Much the same as I visualize while listening to Boards of Canada's typical tunes.

I see you mentioned Miles Davis. My father thought I might like him, so he bought me a 3 disc compilation of his stuff a long time ago. But man, I find the dissonance too distracting/difficult to listen to most of the time. I will say though, his rendition of "Summertime" is one of my favorites.
Funny, I steer clear of his standards (and most other jazz musicians' as well) in favor of original material, especially Decoy, Aura, On the Corner, and Bitches Brew. As far as dissonance goes, my appetite for things like Merzbow or Nurse With Wound is lower than before, but otherwise, gimme gimme gimme!
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