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I always imagine this one as old vacuum cleaners rocking back and forth in downward-curving arcs across a summer sky.
wow... umm... wow... really random... Do they rock back & forth for the entirety of the song?

I see you mentioned Miles Davis. My father thought I might like him, so he bought me a 3 disc compilation of his stuff a long time ago. But man, I find the dissonance too distracting/difficult to listen to most of the time. I will say though, his rendition of "Summertime" is one of my favorites.


Chevelle(best band in the world), Unearth, Modest Mouse, Manchester Orchestra, Kings of Leon, Korn (their old stuff), Greenday (old stuff), System of a Down, Fear Factory (esoteric surgery, best song), The Flood, Pantera, Metallica... etc.

Soooo Indie and metal
All good bands, imo. KOL: "On Call" I love how they feature the bass line, at least initially. Such a good beat.
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