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The human voice is quite an instrument but I generally prefer music without it, either because the lyrical content is insipid or doesn't emotionally/thematically jibe with my impression of the music, because the singing is annoying, or because singing/speaking can interfere with my reading of books (but somehow not the internet). Opera's dramatic extravagances drive me away, though I enjoy the dirty thrill of quality screaming from bands like EYEHATEGOD and Pig Destroyer, or the occasional maudlin foppery of Erasure, Gary Numan, and Culture Club.

Being at least mildly synaesthetic I find most classical pretty but predictably geometric and symmetrical, like looking into a kaleidoscope or watching a . On the other hand, modern composers like Bartok, Webern, Penderecki, and Ligeti have a more organic, painterly approach that evokes imagery for me such as writhing masses of snakes, rain-swollen rivers, flights from unseen forest pursuers, massing thunderstorms, a jungle reclaiming a forgotten temple over the passage of eons, etc. Classical guitarists like Julian Bream and flamenco mofos like Carlos Montoya give me wood.

Other than that I'm into post-rock (Explosions in the Sky, pg.lost), doom/stoner metal (Down, High on Fire), drill and bass (Aphex, the Flashbulb), old dark jungle (Source Direct, Photek), 70s-80s reggae (Scientist, Lee Perry, Trojan Records re-releases), pre-80s country (Marty Robbins, Wanda Jackson), post-WWII jazz of the free, fusion, and hard bop strains (Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie), 70s funk (BT Express, the JBs), dancehall (Capleton, Gentleman), various kinds of African and South American music (Rocafil Jazz, Los Escorpiones), analog synth twiddling (Wendy Carlos, Moog Cookbook), pretty much anything but house/techno, Celine Dion, and Aerosmith.
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