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Default Type and music preference

I thought this might be an interesting experiment.

State your type, maybe a sentence or two about how you feel about music and then list a few artists/songs/albums you love currently/always have loved.

Let's see if we can't get a pattern emerging!

Doesn't have to be a long list maybe ten or so? Maybe you're a music buff and you can't keep a lid on it, I don't mind haha.

I'm ENFp

I have a pretty diverse music taste, leaning towards alternative and electronica on the modern scale, swing jazz if we're going back in time- I find it hard to swallow "chart music," bad/overexposed rap and hip hop and not a fan of R&B (as it is dubbed) - I find it hard to totally love one artist as a whole, love every album and every song, I will pick and choose songs. My ipod is full of incomplete albums which drives some people insane. What were you to expect from an ENFp!??

- Gorillaz (album: Demon Days)
- Royksopp (fave song: Happy Up Here)
- Boards of Canada (probably the one artist I love fully in and out)
- Them Crooked Vultures
- Every Time I Die (album: The Big Dirty)
- Postal Service/Iron and Wine (song: Such Great Heights)
- Daedelus (album: Love to make music to)
- Gustavo Santaolalla (song: The Wings)
- James Newton Howard
- Danny Elfman (and generally a lot of film scores)
- Crookers

That is enough for now I think! Interested to hear your favourites!
ENFp - definitely.
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