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Originally Posted by mavericks64 View Post
Ok, nobody has any idea why my relationship is 180 degrees from what Socionics predicts.

I think I will ask the question a different way. Any INFJs have a relation of supervisee to a supervising ESFP?
Well, I wouldn't take it literally, anyone can tell someone not to go out or to go to the gym or w/e.

Sounds like he's just does what she wants and listens to you when it suits her/amuses him. You're the one that's doing the running around, she's the one in the favourable position.

I didn't want to be honest, because I am commenting on something that's nothing to do with me, but what else could I do since you asked?

So, perhaps in a nutshel: Sounds like you're doing what you can to accomodate her dominant Se - and failing, even falling back on your HA, gyms, exercise, eating healthy and stuff (Si - to be "healthy", for want of a word).

An ESFp knows well how to take care of themself in that regard when their own body or their own self tells them it's necessary - they've got strong Si too.

It ain't working, hasn't worked, and you've got no way to reconcile your differences, sad but true, this is the more important part while remembering not to take everything a description in a personality theory says litterally: it's really describing a relation pattern where internal and external conflict takes place, which is what's happening.

Edit: I'm not an INFj fwiw, but I type myself in your quadra, your "activities" man, lol.
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