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From the relations of Supervision section: "Relations of Supervision can give the impression that Supervisor is constantly watching every step of the Supervisee. The latter usually feels this control even if the Supervisor does not say or do anything. The explanation for this is that the Supervisee weak point is defenceless against the Supervisor's strong point. This makes the Supervisee nervous and expect the worse. "

My ESFp wife is very in the moment and over the years I'll (INFj) admit (not proud of this) that I have felt the need to direct most everything she does; when she starts getting ready to go somewhere, what tasks for the day are most important, exercise, chores, diet...She accepted some of the direction good naturedly (tasks for the day) but other direction (diet, when to get ready) she was very defensive or lied about. Also, regarding "expecting the worst" many times she would get defensive and attack, thinking I was being critical on diet or exercise or timeliness when I was not.

So, like I said, perfect description but 180 degrees out of sync as the ESFp is supposed to be the Supervisor to INFj. By the way, we both agree the description is spot on regarding our relationship, but reversed.
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