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Originally Posted by Collective 83 View Post
I became interested in this 4-letter acronym personality typing a little over a year ago and just recently found out about this site/socionics. I really love typing people in my mind when I meet/get to know them (actually I can't help it) and I'm extremely good at it. I've looked around the site a bit and would really like to learn more about socionics as it seems to be a more refined and advanced version of the MBTI and other such similar models.
IMO you should try get rid of the idea of the four letters as soon as possible because you'll confuse a lot of things. They are kept for backward compatibility with MBTI or something and although there's an unwritten convention on this forum to use the four letters acronym, each of the Socionics 16 types has two principal functions which are important in naming it.

Example: INTj and INTp are not close, but INTj with ENTp.
INTj = Logical-Intuitive Intovert = (the Intuition is Extroverted and the Logic Intro)
ENTp = Intuitive-Logical Extrovert = (idem, except that ILE is Perceiving, the Irrational function - Ne - is the base one)
INTp - Intuitive-Logical Introvert = (this time the Intuition and Logic are different and incompatible with the first two cases).

Naming is not really important as long as one keeps in mind what they really mean, but I saw people who fix to the four letter name and make a lot of mistakes based on that, eg the user here LCTesla (I know him from another place).
Here is something I wrote about naming:

I use a rule of thumb: the Intuitive Introverts from MBTI change their Rationality (j/p) in Socionics 4-letter acronym, so MBTI INTP is usually INTj. But not always, that should be investigated!
Talking about your type, I have a friend who was INFJ in MBTI tests and she's still INFj in Socionics, I'd say a typical one . So that above is not truly a rule, but a mandatory check so to speak.
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