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Howdy, all!

I became interested in this 4-letter acronym personality typing a little over a year ago and just recently found out about this site/socionics. I really love typing people in my mind when I meet/get to know them (actually I can't help it) and I'm extremely good at it. I've looked around the site a bit and would really like to learn more about socionics as it seems to be a more refined and advanced version of the MBTI and other such similar models.

Is there a place I can read about what exactly socionics is and how it's significant differences compare to the other 4-letter acronym personality typing tools? Pardon me for asking as I'll admit I'm a bit lazy and haven't looked that hard myself.

I would post my type (hopefully it can't be seen elsewhere on the site as I know I entered it when signing up..) but I'd like someone to see if they can tell what type I am by looking at pics of me in a thread I plan to make later. If any of my above statements gave me away then tell me why/how I look like the type you think I am based on my pics if you decide to respond to that post because I'd like to learn how to do it myself even if it's not 100% accurate. Oh and if someone could direct me to a guide to face-typing that would be great too!
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