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Default Fi is morals?

Originally Posted by wikisocion, Fi in the dominant position
The individual sees reality primarity through static personal ethics and stable interpersonal bonds between individuals, including himself, where the status of such interpersonal bonds is determined by his personal ethics. The individual is very confident in evaluating the ethical or moral qualities, and their consistency, of other people. This makes the individual seem "judgemental" or "self-righteous" to people less so inclined. If he has difficulty in deciding the status of a personal relationship, he will take action to try to reach a conclusion but if that continues to elude him, he will regard the relationship as not worth it. His own sense of constancy in personal ethics and in his relationships with others is a very strong factor in his sense of self-worth.
Fi in this position implies the ability to almost instantly recognize whether someone is a friend or an enemy, whether they are demonstrating good will or ill will, and whether they are drawn to or repelled by the individual.
What do you guys think of this for Fi leading?

Reading this description, it sounds like someone who's highly critical and, dunno, like a practicing Christian or something.

Is Fi really about morals and telling people how to behave and what to do?

Maybe it is just me - but what I like about Fi is compassion, sensitivity, the ability to understand people and act as a social connector. Someone that will use their understanding of inter-personal relations in order to smooth over conflict and have people getting on, make sure everyone is happy within that group. This doesn't have to be done in a "keep the mood happy", just more so like, "hey, i'm going to talk to someone else in the group for a bit, i'm not leaving you to feel excluded", someone who uses their ability to be considerate.

I like some kindness.

So, either it is just me, or maybe the description is wrong, it seems to make it seem rather bloodless. One thing that occured to me is that the form of judgementality it mentions sounds to me more like an ISFj than an INFj. ISFj can be more of a "moral enforcer" if you will.


It also occured to me, that what i'm describing, maybe sounds more like the description for Fi creative:

Originally Posted by wikisocion, creative Fi
The individual is very adept at perceiving, establishing, and maintaining personal bonds between people. However, these bonds are often perceived as being situational and flexible rather than static. The individual is inclined to focus on establishing personal bonds with other people in the context of realizing or following perceptions from his base function.
So also, if they are both true, to me there seems to be quite a difference, do you think so?
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