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Exclamation I teach you the lessons of Socionics

I am very far in their knowledge of Socionics. Working in socionics since 2003, having regular contact with top experts such as Socionists: Bukalov, Gulenko, Mironov, Talanov, Meged, Churyumov, conducting numerous experiments I have been able to achieve such results are not yet come none of socionist.

But keep in mind that my knowledge is organized on the principle of a brick house: without a foundation - you do not build walls, no walls you do not build the roof. By analogy with the brick house: Without knowledge of the material "A" - you do not know the material "B". Without knowledge of the material "B" - you do not know the material "C" and so on...

I am writing this message for you to know what awaits you in front of a lot of information which is in effect allow you to achieve this knowledge Socionics with its true effect, laws and benefits on people who do not know Socionics

Just watch carefully for my lessons: a thorough study of my articles - and not let fatigue hurts because I can tell you: THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!
Well, to finish my message, I want you all to say in unison

I'm proud to know about socionics!!!
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