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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Hey Shadowpuppet...this looks interesting...were you involved in this? speakers are broke in my pc....leave it with me and I will get some headphones dude.

In meantime, whats your take on Blues music at all?

What do you think of this guy Danny Bryant? (plays in a band call Redeyed Band...Scottish!!!)

I like blues but I don't listen to it that often...the guy had really great vocals, and I thought he was a very talented soloist too (plus I love distorted Marshall Amps). I didn't have anything to do with the other clip...I just thought it was cool because usually a magnet in a coil pushes (and pulls) a speaker at the frequency of the guitar string; this time there was no magnet and the coil was so powerful that lightning would spit (and suck) charged particles from the air at harmonic frequencies (that's why it had that typical plasma-crackle tone), compressing and rarefying pressure waves that would probably electrocute a person (who got too near) to the rhythm of the song...


Originally Posted by Vibration View Post
Thanks. Now I understand why Prom thinks you are the most intelligent person at this forum.
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