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Originally posted by time is being:
so socionics is just a rule of thumb, a kind of psuedo science that cannot be validated? is it just a system of parts that some people enjoying looking at for entertainment even though its purpose has been diminished? i wonder how much value the other posters assign to validation. what is it about socionics that keeps people tuned in? i suppose everyone has different motivations, but is there some reasoning that could explain why people continue to "believe" in something that may or may not deserve "belief"? "is it a perfect verse you tell yourself to help you get through"?
I can speak only for myself and my intention was never to make people "believe" in Socionics. In fact if you want to make someone to "believe" you can just invent some stuff up that they would want to hear. Socionics works for me and so I thought it would be just fair to share it. There may be others who pursue different aims by propagating Socionics, but as I said I speak for myself only. In fact is somewhat different from traditional Socionics they teach in Russia and I want to keep it this way. So this is what I think, if you can't make it work for you - leave it. So what do you think?
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