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Originally Posted by mihai_m View Post
SLEs don't have a problem with lazy people, and they're often lazy and procrastinating, IME.
In my own experience, SLEs can be lazy and laid back when they are doing something, but extremely impatient with other people being the same way. A couple of examples that have actually happened:
My brother wanted to watch a movie with the neighbor dude, (SLE.) But SLE didn't really feel like watching a movie so he complained that his legs hurt. However there have been several times when said SLE wanted to play tag or hide-and-seek or DDR, and tried to convince me to join the game. If I said that I wasn't really in the mood at that time, he'd gripe about me being lazy and a whiner, yadda yadda.

I'll use my SLE dad for another example: sometimes when my dad and I have gone some place (church, kyuki-do, beekeeping, whatever) he decides on the way home that he wants to stop by the store to get something. Usually if he is looking for something that he wants, then he is extremely laid back, doesn't mind browsing around and is in no hurry to get home. If, on the other hand, I asked to stop by the store to get something, then all of a sudden he is in a hurry and wants to get out of the store as fast as possible, so while I am thinking about which item of a certain kind I want to get, which is the better deal or what would work best, he's constantly bombarding me with "So is that what you want to get?" "Have you made your decision yet?" "We don't have all day, just decide!" ...etc. You get the idea.

Anyway, all this to say, when natemaldonado gets impatient with people, that doesn't necessarily indicate him being ESTj and could very well mean he is ESTp.
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