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Oh, I typed my grandmother. She and I get along very well, and she offers me the mix of correction and support that I feel I need. Anyway, she's a Delta. Given her personality, I suspect she's INFj. My mother is Alpha, ESFj.

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Yeah thats the thing lol.

I've been pretty cert your p, I mean I think you are and you think so also? It makes me somewhat reticent to go over old ground but you could look at the j/p 'axis', even if only briefly?
Hm. I can't swear as to the j. Remember, I was raised by EJs, so that's influenced me. I see myself as someone whose energy is floating around until someone comes along and channels it, at which point I can get something done. On my own, I procrastinate and get things done when I feel like it. This is why I started a book between 6 and 7 years ago, and I haven't started typing the (new) 2nd chapter yet. Constant revision and revamping (2nd revamp, I think, maybe more). As for plans, sometimes, yes. But I can also head out on the spur of the moment. Flexibility: I get going one way and only change when it's apparent to me that I need to. My adapting has a rather "que sera sera" sort of philosophy.
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