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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
Its just a general statement which has some particulars within the course of this thread........i cant be explaining little things like this to you though...I'm bad at explaining things....its a frustrating thing to have to do once you start getting into too much detail

If you're not willing to explain something vague, just don't say it. I'm a Delta, and I can do it. I can even take the time to refute something with evidence. You have the ability; I think you're just being lazy.

As for your refusal to talk to me, I wonder whether negativity truly upsets you, whether you simply cannot take what you dish out, or whether you simply cannot refute me. Or in your case, will not. Perhaps all three.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Kanerou I think RSV3 makes a good point maybe you could be INFj.
The only problem is I'm not IJ.
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