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Here is a theory....and its just a theory..... If you change your type to ISFj and I change mine to ENTp...we have a perfect explanation for why this agrevation occurs...........We're Opposites!.......but its just a little, little theory....

It seems to me that you time and time again start this......all i'm doing is minding my own business as appropriate for the forum.

I'm not ISFj. Period. I brought it up because you referred to the seemingly insignificant things we argued about. I spelled them out.

1. Question others' established types (more than once)--- why not if one is a perceiving type----if you're a judgmental type maybe you'll be offended by having to make additional perceptions grow up and live with it.

As the only answer I can imagine to this is a sarcastic comment, I will refrain.

2. Attack people and try to make yourself out to be the victim---- maybe its the other way around but you can't see it (hmmm...thru your Se )(there are implications from receiving instant messages as well) You should try walking in my shoes, having access to the things i have.

Can you do something besides try to turn this back on me? And plea~se, leave my Se out of this. You accuse Cyclops of attacking you to make himself look good. It sounds like you are doing to him what you accuse him of doing to you. You act like you're the victim and he's the bad guy. Your "instant message" comment makes little sense.

3. Overuse what could be Fe--------- don't understand the connection here, i hope its not a dogmatic one as this does me no good in my pursuits.

Doesn't matter.

4. Show what I feel to be inconsistency (saying something that sounds incendiary yet following it with a smiley), which I dislike from people----- well learn to like it...take a look at yourself in the you could use this as a reason to hate someone or despise them is beyond me. This gives me the impression that your Fi is tied to sensory experiences. To hate the usage of a smiley, common now...grow up, there a reasonto do so ---they're there and i dont frequent chat-rooms often----thanks for your very lovely introduction .

Forums, you mean? And you are getting off-point. Did I say I hated the usage of a smiley? No. You are either not reading or overreaching.

6. So shut up and accept it that i don't have any bad intentions!

Did I say you had bad intentions? No, merely that you aggravated me.

Now should i be keeping a list of annoyances that i come across from other people.....No, but they better not keep one of me, cause that ain't a fair game.

Annoyances tend to build up with me. You got on my nerves for a bit, but I never said anything. It was only when I couldn't take it anymore that I blew up.
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