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Originally Posted by Dego View Post
Ha that animat thing again (which I completely LOVE... btw).

No I was just reading bewteen your lines and saw what you meant basically (maybe subconsciously you/me?).

???? I thought Vibration replied to me, not you. Unless Vibration is masquerading as you, in which case that would explain why both of you throw me off with your humor.

Originally Posted by kensi View Post
To do a propper assesment you can't start seeing must be open to all sorts of different scenarios for an interpretation...
Apparently, you assume I have not been looking at different possibilities. I have looked at Gamma; I have looked at Ij. I am neither. Just because I do not say I have looked at or considered something does not mean I haven't. Please give me a little more credit.

I'll look at the rest later.
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