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I could see myself as Fi-ego; I'm very concerned with harmony. (Admittedly, this is just NF) Bad at Ti (but I obviously seek it). Ni I can do but generally refuse to. Te I'm not completely inept at, but if I've already got my opinion settles on doing something, I'll ignore advice that runs contrary to it. Si I like, but let's face it; my FeSi mother so has me beat (can you say interior design?). Se....I don't know. Obviously, I have a Se mallet (weapon of mass destruction that is capable of beating people senseless). I do like to borrow off of others for my motivation - I tend to need support to make hard decisions. I rarely actively break connections with people, even ones who annoy the heck out of me. I will still talk to them, and I cannot stand being given the silent treatment. This doesn't mean I won't do it to others (avoiding, etc).
Yes, I realize part of this screams IEI.
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