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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
Obviously, you dont know what you're talking about.
Obviously you don't know what you are talking about. If you want to criticize SG, do it then. SG identifies with INTJ behaviour and attitudes. It is a fact that he is closest to that type in MBTT whatever his views may be on the correlations between the two models.

Originally Posted by kensi
MBTI INTJ is gamma no different than Socionics INTp.
Totally incorrect. Both INTJs and LIIs are known as the systems builders. Both types (which are actually one and the same, as I have said many times now) want to implement their systems/models in the real world. Both the INTJ and the LII have an IJ temperament, and they are both rational (judging) types.

Originally Posted by kensi
Your interpretations seem to be your own personal fantasies. If there are other factors which give rise to inconsistencies then those are Subtype issues. You cant safely get into subtype issues cause there isn't a valid model but only theories.
Now, you shall listen and learn, kensi. You don't understand any of these two theories, and yet you have the nerve to act like an expert. Contrary to you, I know exactly what I am talking about, and I am telling you the truth. Study the material yourself.
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