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Default Top 10 list of counties with a high population of Judging types

Do we have any representatives from the list? If so, can you provide any feedback?







The Germans will analyse proposals thoroughly. Ensure the information you provide is in written format and presented scientifically. Logical conclusions based on empirical evidence will only normally carry any weight. Remember decisions will not be made on your sales technique or charm but on concrete facts that demonstrate a sound opportunity with minimal risk.


Quote: Luxembourgers prefer communication to be logical and based on reason. Business is not the place for emotions or feelings.


Negotiations (this applies for most on the list):

* They prefer to get down to business quickly and engage in relatively little small talk.
* Communication is direct and to the point, and may seem blunt.
* Make sure your arguments are rational as opposed to emotional.
* Use facts and figures to confirm your statements.
* Business is conducted slowly. Most are detail-oriented and want to understand every innuendo before coming to an agreement.
* Decision-making is consensus driven. Anyone who might be affected by the decision is consulted, which greatly increases the time involved in reaching a final decision.
* You should avoid confrontational behaviour or high- pressure tactics.
* Once a decision is made, it will not be changed.
* Contracts are enforced strictly.
Remember- Its not personal, its personality!

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