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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Wellllllllll it is up to you if you want to nit pick over something as trivial when the overall message was the same.

Entitled/about, it's all the same.

BTW personally i'm fed up with your bullshit, ie i've had enough of you playing your silly games with me, coupled with you posting my personal details (ie personal name on 16types which is completely unforgivable, notwithstanding you never even had enough respect to apologise) and other stuff, as such you are going on my ignore list, so you know I won't see any wriggling about you attempt here or to know not to expect answers to posts of yours I can't see in future, perhaps it will save you some of your time of posting, who knows.

I hope you leave the forums.
I'm sorry I posted your first name.

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