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Originally Posted by maharichie View Post
I feel like I've stumbled into the classroom where the chess club meets after school while looking for a place to make out. Hey everybody!
Actually I'm here not just to stare admiringly in the mirror but also to get some advice in how to manage my committed relationship with my ESFj partner (we're Quasi-Identical and the bickering and arguing never stops!). Really appreciate any insight, personal experience with this relation type and of course advice!

I've been into, or known about, the MBTI typing thing for a little while but not sure what the difference is with socionics. Also familiar with the Enneagram which I also find entertaining and insightful.

I enjoy many things, but mostly I love surfing, music and talking about interesting stuff. My friends span all types and I love them all, except those that don't like me, then I'm just patient

You, sir, are highly amusing and very ESFp-ish. I hope to see you around.
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