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Arrow And Yet Again

Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
They're okay in short intervals, but I try to avoid prolonged contact with them.

In regards to intjwurm's test results: A socionics type test is hardly definitive. If one has a preconceived notion of what type they should be (e.g., if they have already typed INTJ in the MBTI system), that person will often subconsciously (or even consciously) choose answers on the test that he knows will produce the desired outcome (i.e., INTj). Also, it is widely known that many INTps mistype themselves as INTjs.
I could use the same argument on still have not provided any conclusive evidence and I am growing wary of your conceited attitude regarding the accepted standards of measure, including the socionics test. Your elusive constructs and disdain for pragmatic methods make me wonder if indeed it isn't you that is INTP. To be honest I was initially certain that I was INTP (Albert Einstein's type) because I did not want to be limited by making judgments in ephemeral contexts, but I tested consistently INTJ on many different tests and so I have accepted it. I now realize that this reflects my ability to be strategically decisive and to generate empirical content from hunches (such as the poll). I am on average about 2/3 more J than P, or 83% J and 17% P. So I repeat, what is your excuse (excuses are an INT thing), RSVp?
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