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Default Re: Belief and Intelligence

Originally posted by SG:
If this is how you understand logic and intuition then I am sorry, because it is not how it is interpreted in the scope of Socionics. And since you're saying your type is INTj which is TiNe and considering that you've got intuition and thinking backwards, I can assume that you might have twisted type functions around as well and are really an INTp which is NiTe. Maybe after all you need an ESFp and not an ESFj?
i never had a problem with intuition being a second function for the intj, yet advocating the superiority of the intuition. i also dont see how my previous post is in contradiction to the socionics definition of intuition. and from what little internet sources i have found, it seems the first and second functions are almost equal in terms of strength, but i am unsure.

intuition: the act or faculty of knowing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition.
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