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Rationality vs Irrationality

I test very P when using standard terms of J like plans, decisiveness, and organization, and closer to the point is I identify quite well as N > T > F > S, this puts N as dominant, T as creative, F as hidden agenda, and S as dual's function. Besides that, you can see much reasoning why someone "N" dominant would also be a "perceiving" type. So the truly easiest way to know P/J for sure is to take each concrete dichotomy, of F, T, S, N, separately and realize P/J is an essential similarity, ie. defining P is like trying to explain the similarity between fire and ice. To describe the essence is thus far pointless in typing because of its limitedness, but read descriptions of the T and F types, N and S types. If someone identifies most with one of the former, then preference guarantees identification least with the other former, and N/S is in the middle (usually more ambiguous). It is the dual's job to help us complete our biggest weakness.

There are two BIG questions you can ask yourself to help you type people well, that is what is their dominant dichotomy (N, S, F, T?) and what is their second polar of P/J preference. Think carefully about it, though many times its so simple, then what you're left with is two types, two descriptions, one more question. How does this specific Exxx differ from its contrary Ixxx, and which am I looking at?

Most type related deciding factors are mere correlations, ie. what you will read in descriptions. Don't let it get to you if you don't fit. What has been said about club dichotomies however is the most obvious and undeniable structure of Socionics. The "descriptions" will help you more when you get down to two, the Exxx and Ixxx.

Back to our BLauritson friend, someone cannot be both J and ambiguous in F/T, meaning neither are strong or weak enough. A strong T-dominant can't handle F without the dual, or visa versa. He is obviously some P type, unless he's mistaken. But my place is to help people, not call them out for something unlikely false, in which I wouldn't care either way--it doesn't concern me much. A good question is to further explore why he thinks he needs an S-dual and why he's more ambiguous in T/F.

P.S. Late post, but relevant either way.

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