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The more information I take on, the more I am able to reject that which does not fit in, and the more able I am to use this information to formulate my own opinions, and indeed, to come up with new ideas and advances in the information I have taken on.
Seems an awful lot like:
as an ignoring (7th) function (LII and LSI)

The individual is adept at finding external sources of factual information and confident in his ability to evaluate their value, but regards collecting data as secondary to making them fit into a consistent logical system...

as a demonstrative (8th) function (ILE and SLE)

The individual is adept at recognizing which aspects of an information, statement, or action are factually accurate in the sense of checking them against available external sources of information, but he tends to see this as lesser importance in comparison to their internal logical consistency when pursuing a concept fed by his leading function.
So this one time me an' my bes' frien' Stan, we went to a church service. That preacher was talkin' 'bout hell. So Stan leans over to me an' he says, "I bet hell is like a PoLR hit every day."

An' I says, "Stan, you prolly right."
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