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Originally Posted by Vibration View Post
The funny thing here is that each function is a human!

So this is how you visualize individualistic brains and collectivistic brains?

The comparison between an individualistic- and a collectivistic set of functions is interesting in that it suggests that the brains over-all performance is measured by it weakest function not the strongest. Like a having a crappy goal keeper.
I readily admit the anology is suspect, the reasoning even more so.

I am interested in the relationship between internal and external politics and how peoples views of the functions reflected this (poor pastiche of Plato).

There seems to be some debate for example over whether you can change type, function preference etc.. I wanted to get an idea whether people who believed in static/dynamic functions had either liberal/conservative external politics. I'm also interested in whether type itself can predispose someone to either view.

This didn't work!!!!

I also chucked in a few other bits which I think were picked up by people smarter than myself. The good thing about having broad fuzzy logic is that people with proper logic can pick through the rubble and pick out things that may be useful.

goalkeeper that's just silly
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