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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
cttoi....I have to still lookup that name you wanted me to lookup for your ISFp Superego....maybe this will explain you agressive Si nature ??? and maybe not.
i'm gonna jump to that other thread...
Kirk Hammett? He is the lead guitarist of Metallica, the one playing that blistering solo at the beginning of the video I put at the end of the sticky 'introduce yourself' thread (he is the guitarist all the way to the right of the vocalist, and the one that has his guitar completely destroyed by the crowd for the last forty-five seconds of the clip)...he is basically a "peacemaker" temperament, at least that is how he tends to come off and how bandmates describe him...he is also listed in the ISFp celebrity page...

I'm not sure what he has to do with my superego though...

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I actually got into music because of Metallica (by that I mean enjoying to listen to it, then after two years playing it, and then after three years teaching and performing it):



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Thanks. Now I understand why Prom thinks you are the most intelligent person at this forum.
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