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To go along with Cyclops' earlier assertion, my _SFj mother has a bachelor's in math (and a masters in education, but that's not relevant here) and was working toward her math PhD when she quit to take care of my siblings (she wants to finish it later). I will not say that quadra does not influence such things, but I would not get stuck in a stereotype if I were you.

To expand upon PoLR - I'll try. I'm still trying to understand it myself. Basically, you're very bad at this function and you know it. Since it's in your Super-Ego block, which holds conscious and painful functions, you don't really want other people telling you you're bad at it. Wikipedia says something about a basic inability to use one's PoLR, but I sharply disagree. If you need more, I'll try.

Can someone please explain Fi PoLR vs Fe PoLR? I'm confused now.
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