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Default Introductions

Hi all,

I read most of what's posted but rarely post myself, mostly due to lack of confidence on the theoretical side of things. Having said that I thought it would be good to introduce myself after all this time, especially as I seem to be a type which has little representation in the forums (ESFj)

I started out with Myers Briggs around 4/5 years ago and have developed my interest in Socionics over the last couple of years, largely around inter-type relations as I was having a few personal problems around that time. I really enjoy trying to type people (but don't believe in VI!) and improving the quality of my relationships overall (probably my hidden agenda.) I also have to say that I'm a little bit perplexed as to why I find the site is so addictive, perhaps it's the high INTj content (my dual!)

I plan to post more frequently in future, so hope the introduction helps.
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