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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I overall suspect ENFj to be honest, but then maybe ESFj and you could also be INFp. Believe it or not at one point I even thought ENTj which probably came from similarities in types of ENFj and ENTj and in that I could sense a need for from you. Please note I am quite happy to disregard ENTj now though I'm just putting down some thoughts here.

I have to agree with RSV3P that defo ego

Although I think you can be confrontational, many people can. But it seems to me that you see confrontation, not as something which happens when you are, for instance, just maybe irritated, but something which is kind of playful and fun?..productive in some ways? Could you elaborate on this?

Also, it would help if you were to tell us a little bit more about yourself..
Good, I wont accept your answer as final until you tell me.

are you getting any sort of a quadra reading on me....perhaps you know for sure that i can't be one of the 4 quadras. this would in all likelihood reduce your choices from 16 to 12.

i have to be open here to all suggestions other than the ridiculous ones.....this is your call.

I will say that i am not terribly involved in the conversations at social dinners....and tend to just grin or laugh at something funny, unless of course something really interests me. Also i don't tend to have much patience for small trivial matters.
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