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Default Re: Hypothetical question

I'm definately a believer that you can have a good relationship with any other type if both people are aware that the other person appears annoying or difficult because they see the world much differently. Both people involved must have empathy and a willingness to respect why the other person believes and acts the way they do. Unfortunately, way too many people out there assume that their way is the only way and anyone who thinks or acts differently is a fool and not worthy to be a member of society. Being an INFp, I can certainly attest that I've given up trying to defend myself to others. I love leaving things alone for the most part and don't like imposing myself on nature or others anymore than is necessary. I'm a fruitcake dreamer that can spend long hours alone without much stimulation from the outside environment and I love doing things others view as frivolous, unproductive, and impractical. ESTJs have a hard time with me and me with them. I do think I could get along with an open minded ESTJ, but it would probably take so much energy that such relationships would probably be best left as casual and intermittent instead of intense and intimate.
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