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Hi, I'm Valerie. I have been researching Socionics for a few years now. I'm an INTJ. I am a consultant in Organizational Effectiveness and certified in MBTI. I do use MBTI quite a bit and find Socionics a bit esoteric, however I cannot deny it is also a great tool. V.I. makes a lot of sense to me. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Industrial Psychology. I'm very well like at work, but catch a lot of social slack for being too INTJish. But the good news is I'm ambivalent if not indifferent to most people's opinion of me. Current personal development objectives: being more accessible, reading less non-fiction (so I can be a little more relatable) and trying to acknowledge those small details like paying my car insurance on time.

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(Hope my English wasn't way too silly and y'all understood wha I was saying. )
Well I understand "Y'ALL" in Georgia!
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