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Originally Posted by complicater-complexer View Post
Well, I am almost certain that my advisor is ENTp but I have troubles identifying the nature of our relationship. Any clues?
Before i go any further let me just double-check that i understand the situation correctly.....

I'm only going to work off of the original submission, all else that by coincidence is asked i won't take into consideration...
    1. You have some reasonable idea of which type you are
    2. nevertheless you are not sure of who you are
    3. you want to make an attempt to evaluate who you are based on an intertype relationship you have with somebody which you believe you....
        1. reasonably know their type based on certain orthodox set out descriptions
        2. reasonably know the style of intertype relationship you have with him/her (an advisor of some sorts )
    4. You want to pay me lots and lots of money if i'm right and you wont pursue legal action against me if i'm wrong as this may change your life for better or for worse
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