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Originally Posted by complicater-complexer View Post
Well, I am almost certain that my advisor is ENTp but I have troubles identifying the nature of our relationship. Any clues?
i'll cant blame me though if i'm wrong...i dont have a phd in this stuff it's just a personal hobby that touches me time and time again....

here we go...

first off.... advisor can mean 2 different things (Actually 4 if you break it down further)
      1. Are you talking about the type of advisor that gives you a feeling that you're always being supervised.....or the type of advisor that is always giving you feedback so that afterwards you can make a decision on your own as to whether or not the right thing is being done ? ....................................OR........
      2. Are we talking about the type of advisor that it appears almost in a confrontational way has the ability if need be to control you and mix up a lot of your signals(kind of a physical sense here).....or the type which you feel you can control and as a result it seems that he/she is advising you (i know it sounds kinda lame) how to control him/her ?
there are 2 choices within each option but you must only choose 1 overall choice.
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