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Default Back to the basics


It is easy in the human sciences to believe that you actually know much much more than you think you do.

But in the hard sciences that's tough. See why most people don't like the hard sciences and avoid them? It is hard to make themselves believe they know more than they actually do there.

You see in Socionics/MBTI/.... a lot of ****en stupidity and extreme intellectual dishonesty.

People are in a rush to make conclusions one after the other, and just rationalize things when they sense a contradiction, so they can keep going.

So I am coming now with a big hammer to hit you over your head with. Which I call: Back to the basics.

Let's start from the definition of Extraversion and Introversion. How do you define each one of them? Please don't get cute and start listing traits, because traits are based on statistics. Well, if you have most of the traits of Extraversion then you're only likely an Extravert. But how do you check that for sure? You have to go back to the definition.

You don't agree with my approach? Or anything else in the previous pragraph only. Then let's debate. I am very happy to do that.

But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, when we are debating do not jump from one point to the next before we agree on a conclusion for the previous point. I need to see intellectual honesty. I am craving for it. Really craving for it. Let's get to the core
of things.

And: Don't make judgments. No personal remarks.
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