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I am gonna save some time here...

Me: Is there anything that isn't ?

Sergei: "Yeah, but nothing that you can do."

Me: So, you are saying that anything that anyone does is then.

Sergei: "No, I am saying that everything YOU do is ."

Me: Well, what would be an example of something that ISN'T ?

Sergei: "You tell me, since you claim to not have it."

Me: So, anything related to solving a problem is then.

Sergei: "Not exactly. Everything related to when YOU solve a problem is . Even this little fake "dialogue"."

Me: Okay, so how would solve a problem then?

Sergei: "Like I said, you tell me, since you claim to have it."

Me: Ugh, fine! Okay, well, let me ask it this way: What is the motivation of .

Sergei: "Look. That was Ne right there. Don't you see? Anyway, about motivations, you tell me, since you have it."

Me: Sergei, why do you hate me?

Sergei: "Ne paranoia."

Me: I give up! I think you are messing with me!

Sergei: "There it is again!"

Me: How am I supposed to know what the functions are if you never say anything clear about them?

Sergei: "Use your Ne."

Me: You seem to think I can do things that I can't do!

Sergei: "There, see, apply that Ne to the problem at hand."

Me: Why do you think I keep asking questions! That is my way of solving problems.

Sergei: "No it's not. Use your Ne."

Me: God, please kill me now.
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